Digital C-Prints; Editions of 3—20”x20” + —30”x30”


CAROLYN and I conspired, long before the immediacy of the selfie-culture, to chronicle our overlapping obsessions—portraiture and her own disarming image.  

Since 2003, I've provoked my timeless, exhibitionist friend, exploring her projections of femininity, vanity, motherhood, and maturity. 

Objectifying her willing figure, I’ve observed the nuances of her illustrative gesture, her unabashed aging.  Decorative garments, or lack thereof, fail to disguise the tenor of her countenance, weaving between terse, lascivious, overwhelmed, or even void. 

These fifteen-years have revolutionized the medium of photography and witnessed the rise of digital narcissism in tandem with Carolyn’s vulnerable confessions.  I, too, shifted perspectives from behind my various lenses—from curious admirer to privileged spectator, from fellow collaborator to dedicated confidant.

What remains is an ongoing portrait of complicated, transformative self-identity as an Xennial woman.