There is a distinct and profound pleasure in making portraits.  

I approach the transaction of making a photograph of and with another person as an intuitive, magical exchange; a subtle seduction between willing participants.  

My images strive to reveal an evolving emotional rapport between photographer and subject, based on a mutual regard for looking and for being seen.  This oscillating event displays the complexities of human desire and tension as fundamental to the act of making photographic portraits.  

Another aspect of my portraiture is to investigate the raised consciousness and risk of being pictured in contemporary society.  As people seemingly progress toward a greater investment in the superficial representation of self, my interests are to challenge this trend and disclose a more genuine and universally familiar human condition.  

The pleasure I find in making a photograph with another person lies in the enigmatic fusion of the artist-muse exchange with the intrinsic wonder of photography itself.  The people I photograph can look straight into the camera, and therefore, straight into me.  What is unveiled in this hushed interface is a distilled state of emotional undress.  The honest curiosity to explore the conditions of looking into someone becomes something sacred and intense.  

We blush.