Digital C-Prints; Editions of 10—20”x20” + 3—30”x30”


SHOW ME STATE is an ongoing, 20+ year portrait of the Missourian allure in which I grew up and to which I belong. 

With striking impunity, its residents (friends, strangers, and intimates) gaze straight into the camera, and therefore, straight into me.  This oscillating event, of looking and being-seen, circulates desire and tension—fundamental to the act of making a portrait.

In an era where reticence and obscurity define our mortal guise, where personal significance is tangled between selfies and self-worth, these individuals evince unflinching presence, eccentricity, curiosity, and vulnerability. 

Unveiled in our hushed interface is a state of emotional undress, an intuitive exchange, a subtle seduction between willing participants.